Seabright Cottages

There is definitely no better way to spend a perfect holiday than to watch as the sun sets while you relax on the front porch of your cottage that is right near the magnificent puget sound. Well, the Seabright Cottages at Point Roberts in Washington offers this and much more.

Seabright Cottages allows you access to web cameras. Checking out what happens in various other parts of the community becomes super easy since the web cams are right at your finger tips. There are basically three webcams that are available. These web cams are placed on the Seabright farm Eagle Nest, Community View, and a Bluff View.

Now lets talk about the cottages. Firstly, Seabright Cottages use a set of different cottage designs. Some will enhance the view of various sceneries in the area while others will simply offer more relaxation and fun. There are seven cottage designs being used, and each is ideal for specific types of travelers.

The Vista cottage design, for instance, is for the homeowner who loves ample space and enormous amounts of natural light. From these cottage designs, it is possible to enjoy a clear view of the ocean without necessarily sacrificing on your privacy.

The Lookout design, on the other hand, offers more privacy since it is located in the rear near the woods. Additionally, it is a 3 story cottage that rises over 30 feet and gives you probably the best panoramic views. Watching sunsets over the ocean in this cottage will be a truly exhilarating experience.

Moving away from the actual cottages, one would wonder what other activities exist apart from watching sunsets and enjoying the seaside breeze. Well, there is no simple way to say it, but Seabright Cottages is packed with a ton of exciting activities. Whether you want to swim, kayak, or hike, you will always find the perfect place to do that and much more. Since Point Roberts is literally surrounded by puget sound on three of its sides, there are plenty of water activities that you can engage in. If you also want to spend much of the time with friends, then you will find the Point Roberts Golf and Country Club to be the perfect destination.

All in all, Seabright Cottages at Point Roberts might just offer you the experience you’ve been missing in your life.

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